IEP Tracker™:
The most comprehensive way to manage individualized education plans.

IEP Tracker™ is a robust—yet user-friendly—Individualized Education Plan Management System that empowers you with more options for managing evaluation reports (ERs), individualized education plans (IEPs), and correspondence to guardians.

IEP Tracker gives districts the ability to:
  • Web-enable the current PA-approved forms
  • ImplementWeb-based progress monitoring
  • Predefine user security levels
  • Track user access to a specific IEP
  • Create an audit trail

As the evaluation process unfolds via IEP Tracker, users may gain access to a customizable permission-to-evaluate letter. Once permission is granted and special education professionals begin writing the ER or IEP, IEP Tracker gives them the ability to select from a list of predefined and district-created choices in a drop-down menu. These include:
  • Subject areas
  • Goals
  • Disabilities
  • Relationships
  • Related services
  • Specially designed instruction

When team members become involved in the ER/IEP, they have the ability to review the data and mark the sections reviewed as complete. This continual process allows administrators to see a list of the IEPs up for review, the number of IEPs in process, and the steps needed to complete them.

After an IEP is implemented, IEP Tracker gives districts a way to track—through reports and bar charts—individual student progress with respect to goals and objectives. Because all forms are housed in a single database, an IEP can be imported and updated each year, and an ER can be imported into an IEP. In addition to providing districts with viewable PDF reports, IEP Tracker also has printing capabilities that reflect the state’s original paper documents.